Cara McCarron, CEO

Cara has worked in the sales and marketing world for more than 17 years, in a variety of different roles. Her journey has seen her as a sales rep, account manager, marketing manager and director for some of Canada’s best known brands and agencies. She also spent a few years learning the ropes and perfecting her techniques as the owner of her own agency.

Before getting into digital marketing, Cara spent time in retail on the store level, so she has experience with both sides of the buying process, and she knows what it takes to get people to take specific actions. This wealth of experience has led to the knowledge that through the various forms of marketing, content is the one common denominator that gets your message across and increases sales. And this has never been more true than today, when Google decides what is seen online and what isn’t.

The Content Company is the logical progression of Cara’s knowledge, passion and experience in the sales and marketing industry, and she is ready to make her mark.


Dancing, volleyball, shopping and hanging with her crazy family!

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Ken McCarron

Ken is a content writer with close to 10 years experience writing websites, articles, blog posts, ads and press releases for hundreds of clients across a multitude of different industries. Ken believes that a good writer can get into the mind of any client and write as an expert on any topic. He worked as a freelancer for most of the past decade, before convincing his wife (Cara) to join him in creating The Content Company.

Prior to diving into the world of writing, Ken worked in a lab performing security tests on finished scratch n’ win tickets. This role helped define the meticulous attention to detail he uses on all content / copy that finds its way onto his desk, or that he produces himself. Ken is always up for a debate on the content vs. design argument, and like many other writers is intent on writing a wonderful work of fiction in the future. For now, it’s all about The Content Company.

Hobbies & Interests:

Writing / Watching the Leafs and Jays (not necessarily in that order) / Martial arts / Taking long, moonlit walks…ok, ok, he likes sports and writing.

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