Is Blog Writing for SEO Different From Standard Blog Writing?

April 05, 2017

Blog writing for SEO is simply blog writing where search engine optimization has been taken into consideration, and those components implemented. Here are some important tips.

Appealing to People and Search Engines

With SEO blog writing, you can’t just think of your target audience and you can’t just think of the search engines and higher rankings. Once upon a time, blog writers could just jam pack posts with keywords, submit them to a pile of shady directories for backlinks and show up high in search results.

However, these posts rarely held any value for the humans that were finding them, and search engines responded by changing the rules. Now, blog content must be useful and relevant to the intended human targets, and it must include SEO elements to gain the search engine’s attention.

Insider Tips and Tricks

Making SEO blog posts easy to read and useful to your prospective customers and clients are great ways to appeal to the human element. Some tried and tested formats include how-to’s, numbered lists, posing questions in the title and offering facts and figures about a certain industry or problem. Lately, video blog posts have also become a popular way to engage prospects and cause action.

As for the SEO part, keywords are still a major force in helping search engines figure out what you’re all about, but the practice of keyword “stuffing” is no longer acceptable. With more specific searches, using keyword phrases instead of singular words is more relevant to searchers and will often result in a better position. “Long-tail keyword phrases” as they are known, often appeal to people searching for deeper information, and since search engines want to provide the results people want, using them in blog posts is a good idea. 

Additional SEO Elements

Of course, writing the content isn’t the only component of SEO blog writing. It’s also important to include variations of your keywords in your meta descriptions and title tags, and optimize your images within the post.

When you’re done, you want both search engines and prospects to know exactly what your post is about and have them clamouring to get it out there into the world.

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