Why You Should Use North American Writers for Your Content

April 05, 2017

In many cases, especially in digital marketing, outsourcing can be a valuable tool. You can outsource a wide variety of tasks. Logo design, website updates, even virtual assistant duties can be assigned to outsourcing companies. One thing that still cannot be outsourced, in our opinion, is content. Although there are many English speaking people around the world who are more than willing to create content at a lower cost, content created domestically tends just to sound better.

The Quality is Better

The quality of content is one of those things you cannot “fake”. If English is not your first language, it will come through in your content. If your content doesn’t sound like a peer wrote it, it can turn the reader off. We are all used to things being outsourced all over the world, but when you commission someone to write your client’s content, it needs to come from someone close to home. The quality is paramount when you are trying to get those clients more traffic through their blogs, and if you aren’t using someone who speaks the language, it will show. We only use North American writers, they are the best at what they do, end of story.

Supporting Local Talent

We have been in the “freelance” game. In fact, our co-founder Ken McCarron was once a freelancer himself. There was a time where he was the only writer and working for local SEO companies creating some amazing content. The life of a freelance writer is tough. Most writers don’t know how or prefer not to get their own clients. Doing that usually requires the writer to go way out of their comfort zone. Writers write, they don’t sell. When we use our homegrown writers, we know we are making their freelance business better and keeping them busy makes us happy. When so many things are being sent overseas, it’s nice to keep our local entrepreneurs busy!

Your Clients See the Difference

Your clients are your most important piece of the puzzle. If they aren’t feeling confident and happy about the kind of content you are putting in front of them, they will undoubtedly start to question all of the other things you are doing for them. We’ve been on the receiving end of crappy content, back when we were on the agency side. If I saw content that came across my desk that I knew was produced by someone who wasn’t fluent in English, I could tell almost immediately. I also knew that I couldn’t send it to my client. I knew that they would see the difference…and so will yours. Do it right the first time; your client will appreciate it.

At the end of the day, you want to show your clients you really do care about their business. If you produce content with one focus, high quality, then you will always deliver something that will make you both proud. Never outsource your content to someone who doesn’t speak the language your audience speaks, it almost never works out.

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