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Where Do SEO Companies Get All Their Content?

April 05, 2017

If you are an SEO Manager or Account Manager for an SEO company, one of your regular tasks is to produce content for your clients. The frequency will vary from client to client, but it has to keep coming in each month, or you won’t be doing your job.

As the online world continues to grow and develop, more and more content options emerge, and SEO agencies have a wide range of options to choose from. If your agency produces hundreds or even thousands of pieces per month, keeping the process rolling efficiently and with a high degree of quality can be daunting.

Here are some examples of where SEO companies get all their content:

In-house Writers

Many SEO agencies prefer to keep tabs on their content writers and hire in-house. If you choose to go this route, you will have greater control of your content team, and you’ll never be left looking for a writer for that last minute project. You can just tell them to drop what they are doing and get to work.

Of course, in-house writers also create higher overhead for your business. You’ll need to pay regular salaries, regardless of the workload; plus you’ll need more desks and computers, your utilities will rise, and you may need to pay some health benefits.

Individual Freelancers

To combat the overhead issue, many SEO companies look to individual freelance writers to take care of their content needs. This set up can be quite comfortable and work well for both the writer and the SEO company.

The main risk is if one or more of your writers decide to take jobs, go on vacation, become ill or suffer an injury and can’t write. Finding suitable replacements can take time and cause a lot of headaches. 

Large Automated Content Mills

You’ve got to love the concept of the big content mills…yes, it’s a negative term but seems appropriate. These content providers are all about convenience, with automated ordering and delivery, and literally thousands of writers eager to get to work. The main issue with these providers is a lack of consistent quality because there are so many writers, and you never know who you’re going to get. 

Agency-Style Content Providers

A solution that many SEO companies settle on is to find an agency-style content provider. These companies manage their own writers; they have human editors, but they have a smaller team and can match up each piece with the appropriate writer. They also have human account managers to contact if there are issues or special requests.

Different SEO companies prefer different processes for different reasons. In the end, minimizing delays and the need for revisions to streamline the process, while meeting any budget restrictions is what will give you the best results, whatever method you choose. If you’d like to talk about different content delivery options and discover why so many SEO agencies have been loving the way we do things, call The Content Company at 888.221.5041 today.

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