The Content Company Named "Top Content Marketing Firm" by Clutch

March 11, 2020

The Content Company Named

In 2014, we started a company called The Content Company. We started it with the desire to provide high quality content to SEO’s, and digital marketing agency’s across the world.  We saw a big need for something better, it was that simple. So we created it.

We set off to create a place where a content marketer or seo specialist could rely on us for high quality blogs, websites, white-papers, e-books, or anything else in between.  We made sure that we guaranteed our timelines and our work while still satisfying the needs of search engines. We are super proud of Clutch’s recognition of our diligence and commitment to our craft.

Clutch helps potential buyers by creating an extensive online resource that tells everything about a company that the buyer might like to know. Clutch publishes profiles for companies in all industries worldwide. Similar companies are compared to each other to create one inclusive list of the best performing companies under those industry specific labels. The Content Company has received the #1 spot for the top "Content Marketing Firm in Toronto", something we are really grateful for!

The Content Company Toronto

Clutch has also grown to include their sister site, The Manifest. The Manifest is a leading business portfolio platform which showcases companies who are client focused as well as project based.

Top Content Writing US


"We are so excited to receive this award. When we started this company together 6 years ago, we created it to be a leader in creating high quality content that we would be proud to put out there and we have, having our peers acknowledge us in this way is simply incredible!" - Cara McCarron, CEO at The Content Company.

We have so many new and exciting things coming up for The Content Company in 2020 and cannot wait to keep growing and being seen as the go-to-leader in high quality content creation!


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