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May 17, 2018

One of the most significant technological advancements in recent years is the explosion of the blockchain technology. It seems like everyone has an opinion about it or wants to learn more about this new technology. In addition to seeing blockchain and bitcoin as recurring trending topics on Twitter, expect to see a huge uptake in online content and blogs on the topic.

But what's the best way to write about blockchain and cryptocurrencies? Here's an easy guide to follow:

Know Your Audience

Before crafting a blog about blockchain, it's important to recognize your audience and understand the angle you need to approach it from. For example, introductory blogs for casual readers should only cover the most basic aspects of the technology while blogs for tech startups or B2B clients can be more in-depth and comprehensive.

Also, just because your client doesn't have a current vested interest in blockchain, that doesn't mean you should avoid the topic altogether. A variety of clients can incorporate blockchain content into their strategies. For example, small businesses can create content about how blockchain and cryptocurrencies are changing the face of retails, while law offices or accountants can create content about the legal and monetary aspects of the technology. However, no matter what, before you start to write, make sure you know the audience.

Keep Jargon to a Minimum

As with any technical writing for the general public, keeping blockchain jargon to a minimum is the best way to craft an easy-to-read and entertaining blog post that will reach a wide range of readers. If you have too much jargon or technical terminology, the blog will read dry, and you won't entice readers to keep going. Additionally, excess tech talk will cause more casual readers to avoid your blog entirely because they may feel confused or overwhelmed by the scope of the content.

Use the Correct Terms and Know the Technology

Although we just said not to use too much jargon, it's still important to use the correct words and terminology. This delicate balance will come from understanding the technology and being able to take a complicated concept and simplify it for the masses. For example, describing blockchain as a "digital ledger that publicly records transactions made with cryptocurrencies" is still clear, concise, and easy to understand. You are using the correct terms, and it shows that you understand the technology enough to make a somewhat complicated idea into a simple sentence.

Tell the Truth


When a new technology comes out, there is often a wave of positivity for it followed by a backlash and eventual acceptance that the new tech is good, but maybe not as fantastic as developers initially said it would be. When it comes to writing about blockchain, there's no need to pump it up any more than it already is. Wide claims like "blockchain will make traditional currencies obsolete" might be a tall order to fill and could lead to your readers feeling more skeptical and distrustful of your claims. By being realistic and reporting the facts, you will gain respect and trust as a reputable source for new tech information.

Provide Real-Life Examples

It can be difficult to picture an actual online ledger that records cryptocurrency transactions, especially for the average blog reader. One of the best ways to explain blockchain and its related technologies is by giving real-life examples. Some successful blockchain blogs compare it to easy-to-digest images such as a row of safes, or Google Docs. By relating blockchain to something more regularly used, your readers can better familiarize themselves with it.

Provide Links and Build Trust

One of the best ways to establish yourself as a trusted source on blockchain is by incorporating backlinks in the content to reputable sites with information on blockchain. This means actual credible sources, not a Reddit message board or other obscure sources. This is a great way to simplify your blog, but allow readers to learn more. For example, let's say you write a blog and don't want to include the definition of blockchain in the content. You can simply use the word "blockchain" and hyperlink it to a credible definition somewhere else on the web.

Other Considerations

Other than the writing aspect of a blockchain blog, you should also consider the technical aspect. Make sure you include plenty subheadings for improved readability as well as photos to make the post more engaging. As people who are reading about blockchain are most likely tech-minded, you should also make sure the page loads quickly and is mobile-optimized.

Whether you're getting into the nitty-gritty blockchain details or are looking to write a "Blockchain 101" article, we can help. Schedule a free consultation today and discover how we can assist you in writing a captivating and informative blockchain blog.

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