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What Was Inbound Like For Us?

November 15, 2016

 Hey everyone,

This is going to be a pretty personal post, not like the normal thought leadership stuff we create.  For one, I am writing it; normally my partner in crime Ken creates our content.

He wasn’t able to come to Boston with us this year.

Our time at INBOUND16 was bloody amazing.  It was all I hoped it would be and much more.

When we arrived, I am not shy to tell you I cried.  Why? Because, we had made it to a show that I had put on my vision board less than 12 months ago.  We are a small family run company and as many of you got to know over the course of 4 days, my husband and I created The Content Company 3 years ago as an alternative to what was out there.  We aimed to create a more old-school approach to content creation, which sounds kind of funny since there is nothing old school about online content (it’s still very new in its concept).

Last year I when I attended INBOUND, I knew it made sense for us to be there. What I didn’t totally realize is how much we belonged there.

Once all the action started, our booth was busy almost the entire week.  Our team was talking…A LOT, it was amazing.

We were able to connect on a deeper level with our potential clients, a level that made sense to them too. 

The part I love about the INBOUND philosophy is the connection to people.  It’s missing in our digital world and after this week; we see that we all feel this way.

We don’t automate our process; you can always talk to a human being when you need to.  If shit hits the fan and you need something expedited, we will always do our best to come through for you.

Being a part of INBOUND as a sponsor made me proud.  It also humbled me. We were able to hear first-hand the issues people have had over and over again. People still want to work with people.  It’s that simple.  They want to know they have been heard and that when they need to connect with someone, they can.

We have a lot of following up to do this week and next.  I cannot wait to go back in September 2017; it’s going to be another fabulous event! 

If you haven’t gone to INBOUND, you should…it is totally life changing.


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