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What The "F" Is Work Life Balance

April 05, 2017

Growing a company can be kind of like raising a kid(s). It’s tough. It’s wonderful. It’s the hardest damn job ever created… Growing a company as a woman adds a layer of complexity as well, sorry boys, it’s the truth…we have a vagina and you do not.

Being a woman in business is awesome, but can also be a big challenge. Why? Because we women can be bitches to one another and that fact alone, can make entrepreneurship hard to navigate.

We are brilliant creatures who sometimes feel like we need to be able to wear all hats to succeed, that’s kind of a pile of (fill in the blank)

Here are 3 ways I try to be a female business owner and NOT go insane!


Yep, that’s right. I not only have a business, I have a business partner who happens to also be my husband. He is the VP of Content Development, read some of his wise words here. Some of those wise words have been shared with me over the years. Some fantastic, some life changing. He told me early on in our relationship that nothing is really that major. Things always work out, ALWAYS. He reminds me of that all the time. The more you spin out of control with things that haven’t even happened yet, the more shit you attract to yourself (that’s more about the Law Of Attraction). Ladies, chill out, seriously. People care about your stuff a lot less than you think.

People judge you a lot less than you think…and really, who cares? You shouldn’t.


So this one is REALLY hard for me. Unplugging as so many like to say these days is bloody hard for me…BUT, I try. Because our main office is in our home, my kids have both parents accessible whenever they want. The lines between work hours and family hours can be blurred. Making an effort to “turn off” takes discipline, but it does help you create some work life balance. Aim for 6pm or whenever you eat dinner together. If you are compelled to go online again after, make a rule that you only go back on in an emergency situation. 


I know many women and even men, will have a hard time with this one. I work a lot. So does my husband. Our girls are home early, 3 pm most days. When I am in need of some pampering, I will cut out during the day. 

Why? I feel better about those things during the weekdays. I’m not taking time away from family. I am totally fine with taking a day once a month to get a massage, nails, or hair done. These aren’t luxuries by the way, they are critical to feeling taken care of. You can always find a day that is light for you and cut out of the office or store or wherever you are to get some “me” time. Don’t for a second feel guilty about it, you work your ass off, enjoy it!

So those are some really short and sweet things you can think about to try to balance that work and life thing a bit better, a great glass of red doesn’t hurt either;)

Until next time,


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