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The Top 10 Reasons Business Blogging is Better than Facebook

September 25, 2015

Good afternoon all,

I came across this infographic on World View Editing and thought it was great! I’d like to share it with you and touch on some of these points.

If your marketing team is getting on board with inbound marketing (which I hope they are), they’re beginning to understand why content is so important. Should you use Blogs? More webpages? Whitepapers? 

Infographics? Social media? Press releases? An e-book? With so many options and so little time, how do you decide which form of content is best for your inbound strategy?

So, where do you start?

In my experience, the two popular choices when getting started are social media and blogging. Both are great options. Social media platforms, like Facebook, are great because they’re quick! Marketers can easily share information in seconds. Posts on social media are typically short and don’t require much thought. Blogs, take a little bit longer. But, when done correctly, blogs have many more advantages that are going to assist your marketing efforts.

What does blogging really do anyways?

Blogging is meant to help your potential client. Blogging isn’t to say “Hey, here’s our products or services! Please buy them” it is meant to say “Hey, having problems with this? We’re experts and we’re here to tell you how to do it the right way”. Blogs offer tips, advice, or can share experiences. They are meant to be helpful and informative. So why do this and not just promote yourself? Because blogging builds the relationship. It builds your reputation. It helps you rank on search engines. It’s the inbound way of marketing, and it truly works. 

SEO- The Essential Puzzle Piece in Business Today

The first point that I’d like to talk more about is SEO. Spending more time blogging is going to be beneficial to you because within your blog are the key words or phrases your potential clients will be searching, and Google recognizes that. The topics you are covering are useful to readers and because of that you will rank higher.

Ranking on search engines, like Google, the proper way, is going to help you gain not only more traffic but the

right kind of traffic that can be converted into leads. I’m not saying Facebook isn’t useful, it’s a fan favourite for me too. What I’m saying is use it to compliment your blogging strategy. Use it to distribute your blog to friends/followers, and ask for feedback! It helps widen your reach without taking away the benefits of blogging.

But how can I reach people with my blog?

Blogs can be shared. The best thing about your blog is once you spend the time to write such a great piece, you can share it everywhere. You can put it on social media and share it by email. You reach so many people by doing this all while ranking on search engines through SEO. By only posting on Facebook, only “Likers” of your page will see your post. By having a blog shared on Facebook you get the best of both worlds. Plus, if people like your blog, they can even subscribe to it, so you can have them visit again. 


If I haven’t already convinced you why you need to spend your time blogging, not just on social media, let’s take it one step further. How comfortable are you trusting the posts you read on Facebook? How willing are you to sit and read a long post with no real layout or structure? How many times have you scrolled your Facebook newsfeed and the post you saw earlier is gone, buried under millions of new posts? How many times have you scrolled past posts on Facebook without reading them? If you answered these questions honestly, you’ve probably realized that posting on Facebook isn’t the most reliable way to ensure your content reaches people.

Your helpful and appealing blog is much more likely to get clicked and visited than just an ordinary Facebook post. It’s more trustworthy. It’s more helpful. It has a longer shelf life. It isn’t easily ignored. And that’s why blogging should be a core part of your inbound strategy, while social media can be used as a distribution channel and buzz generator.

You’re now ready 

I hope you feel confident jumping into your inbound strategy knowing the importance of blogging. I also hope you see how to use social media as an asset and distribution channel of the high quality content that you create or have written for you. Inbound is no longer an optional way of marketing, it is the essential way of marketing.

We no longer have to chase leads, with the right strategy we can have them come to us.

Till next time,


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