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The Real Secret to Creating High-Quality Content on a Consistent Basis

April 05, 2017


If you are a Marketing Manager, SEO Guru, Inbound Specialist, Digital Content Czar or some other title that means you are responsible for delivering quality content to your clients, consistency is likely your biggest issue. That’s what we have been hearing, anyway.

Sometimes, you’ll get a blog post or web page back that hits the mark, and sometimes you’ll have to go through it letter by letter, making revisions and trying to make sense of the jumbled mess you just paid for. And since content is one of, if not the most important component of your overall digital marketing strategy, inconsistent results mean you are wasting time trying to make it work, when you could be focusing on other things.

Efficiency is the key to rolling out successful online marketing campaigns, and there is nothing efficient about having to fix or even rewrite content that should be delivered to you exactly how you want it. You’ll hear many different opinions on how to rectify this issue, but as a content provider that rarely has to make revisions and has clients returning month after month, I can tell you that the real secret is in the editing process.

The Usual Suspects

When it comes to quality posts and pages, creating engaging headlines, writing conversationally and making efficient use of subheads is always important. These tried and true techniques will likely never go out of style. But we aren’t just talking about how to write a good piece of content. We are talking about producing quality content over and over and over again, and simply knowing what goes into the formula isn’t going to make that happen.

Humans Gonna be Humans

It is what takes place after the piece has been written that creates consistency in quality. There is no writer out there who submits error-free work every single time, and if you encounter anyone who says they do, it’s time to break out the bullshit detector. Even our very best writers have mistakes…an ‘in’ instead of ‘on’…’you’ instead of ‘your’…’put’ instead of ‘out’. It happens to everyone, and it is these details that can take a lovely piece of content and turn it into an amateurish looking piece of garbage. 

Humans are gonna be humans every single time, and while there are definitely some writers that are better at self-editing than others, expecting perfection is just stupid. This is why the content creation process is more than just writing, and why editing is the secret that so many content providers miss. Of course, we are hearing more about how automated content is starting to infiltrate the online world, and while it may be useful for reporting stats or news items, it won’t be replacing the human element anytime soon

The TCC Difference 

This human aspect is also why you may be getting back content that is not consistent, and why we continue to win over clients that are unhappy with their content providers. There are many different automated editing systems out there, and we usually run our content through three of them, but even with that much coverage, they don’t catch everything. And these are paid programs, with plagiarism detectors and everything. The biggest issue with them is they seem to miss context a lot of the time, which is why a pair of human eyes is the last line of defense before we send content to a client.

It’s easy (and totally f’ing lazy) to just fire blog posts and web pages through a few automated editing programs and then send them to you, but you won’t get the consistency you are looking for because issues will be missed. Just because all the words are spelled correctly and the commas are in the right place doesn’t mean it’s correct.

There is a wide range of elements that go into creating high-quality content on a consistent basis, but if your content provider takes shortcuts in the editing process, you will always be wasting time fixing stuff or sending it back for revisions. If you’re sick of paying for lazy content creation, do yourself a favor and contact The Content Company today.

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