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TOP 5 Trends in Content Marketing

November 06, 2015

Here are 5 important trends that will be shaping online content in the coming months.

Businesses that rely on local traffic, like restaurants, law firms and retailers, will benefit greatly from local-specificity in their content. Search engines favour locally precise content; therefore, it will help your content reach your target audience. Additionally, including local detail in the writing can serve to generate familiarity with the readers and can help to form a relationship with them.

2 – Brevity Will Be Valuable

The days of padding written content with extra paragraphs in an effort to jam out a few more keywords are behind us. The challenge is to engage readers who are often too busy to devote more than a few minutes to read

an article. So, content writers must present them with valuable and useful information, boiled down to easily to digestible nuggets.

3 – Stakeholders Will Become Sources for Content

Content creation will no longer be the sole responsibility of the marketing department. Collaborative content will be created with the input of employees and clients. When you think about, who could be better to write about what you do than your employees and your customers? They can provide a unique perspective that can connect with your target audience in an immediate way.

4 – Testimonials and Storytelling

Somewhat related to the previous trend, we will see more companies use their clients to tell their brand story. There is no more compelling way to tout the benefits of your product or service than to have a satisfied customer tell their story in the first person. Having a third party sing your praises is also far more believable and relatable to the reader than if you are expressing it yourself.

5 – More Engaging Visuals

It certainly isn’t a new trend. Including great visuals with your content is now a must. But, as visuals become more commonplace, the ante has been raised for even stronger visuals in order to cut through. Still images are being replaced by videos and info graphics are now 3D or animated to achieve a greater wow-factor. Great looking visuals can go a long way towards increasing the shares of your content, resulting in a better reach.

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