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Let Me Give It to You Straight – Reasons Your Content Is Going Nowhere Fast

March 31, 2016

Hello, and thank you for checking in. At The Content Company, we usually take a less-than-PC approach to content creation. That’s not to say we are rude about it…we are Canadian after all! But we will let you know that your content stinks in a straightforward and no BS fashion. It’s best for everyone that way.

And it’s with this thought in mind that we have created a new weekly blog series called, “Let Me Give It to You Straight.”

Each week, we will outline a different aspect of creating content and show why the standard way of doing things is usually the wrong way. There won’t be any profanity or name calling (I’m pretty sure), but there also won’t be any pussyfooting around the most common mistakes people make over and over again. 

Integral Components of High-Quality Content

Producing high-quality content is about more than writing a barely comprehensible blog post or web page and slapping a bunch of keywords in it. Quality content requires deep research into your target market (those people that you want to give you money in exchange for your products or services). 

It must be engaging, it must be the right length, it must have flow and the proper beat, it must be useful and relevant, it must be written at the level of the people reading it, and it must have all of the necessary SEO elements for search engines to find it. You can’t go overboard with the SEO stuff, though, or you risk not being found by anyone, ever. 

Cleaning Up the Internet

If the internet is being polluted with low-quality content that serves no purpose, then now is an opportunity for you to do your part and start the clean-up process. By coming back each week and reading what we have to say, you’ll be that much closer to creating content that no longer sucks and represents your business the way it should. 

Why I Hire Plumbers 

Like many people, I know how to use a wrench and even a drain snake, and I use sinks and toilets every single day. But do you know why I still hire a plumber if I have a plumbing issue? I hire a plumber because a plumber is an expert with experience and understands plumbing on a much deeper level than I do.

What the hell does that have to do with content? Thank you for staying with me…the plumber comparison simply means that just because you speak English everyday and have written stuff in school, doesn’t mean you are qualified to write the content of your website. You may have what it takes, but the majority of business owners do not. It’s best to stick with what you know and leave the writing to the experts.

If you’re on the cusp and need a kick in the right direction, then stay tuned for future posts, because we will help whip you into shape. If you need content now and don’t want to turn your prospective customers away in droves, give us a call because we can help.

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