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How to Ensure You Get Good Value from a Content Provider

July 05, 2017

Whether you are looking for a physical product like a blender, vehicle or computer, or a service such as massage therapy, house painting or content creation, people want to get good value. This is a word that’s been thrown around so often it’s surprising it still has any meaning.

In the case of content (obviously that’s what we’re gonna focus on), this elusive value often means nothing more than low cost blog writing, but that’s not always the case. Not that cheap blog writing is always a bad thing, but there is usually a lot more under the value curtain than cost alone.

First Determine What You Mean by Value

The word “value” is subjective when referring to what a consumer expects from a product or service, so before you can know if what you are getting is good, you need to define what value means to you. In some cases, that low cost blog writing is the end of the story.

However, for most people getting good value transcends cost alone. Quite often, cheap blogs are also shitty blogs, so paying less doesn’t really save you anything at all. Some people have no issue paying a low price for blogs and then spending a bunch of time fixing them up themselves, but to each his own, I guess.

In all likelihood, your path to determining what value means to you will include the cost, it will include the level of customer service, it had better include the quality of the blog posts, consistency, and maybe more. Once you figure out your secret recipe, then you’ll always know if you’re getting good value from your content provider.

Important Factors to Consider

If you’re having trouble, here are some important things to consider:

The Price – it should be competitive, but like I mentioned above, low cost blog writing can’t be the guiding force behind your decision.

Content Quality and Consistency – if you aren’t receiving high quality content on a consistent basis, then you aren’t getting good value, no matter how much you are paying.

Customer Service – this element varies with different people, because some (most) seem to love the personal touch, while others don’t mind dealing with an automated system. We like to always have a human available to talk, which gives clients an option.

The Process – a streamlined process is one component that makes most marketers and business owners ecstatic. When your content provider has a process in place that is smooth and problem-free, it leaves you time to focus on other things and gives peace of mind. 

Making the Final Decision

When you’re faced with trying out a new content provider, keeping all these things in mind will help make the decision easier. Try not to be too impressed by seeing big brand names as clients, or claims of “thousands of writers” on their team, and especially not cheap blog writing or discount blog writing labels.

Look for a content provider that has clients that are like you, so you know they can meet your needs, and keep in mind that massive teams of writers are impossible to manage effectively. As for low cost blog writing, it’s great as long as the other factors are in place.

If you’d like to get a firsthand look at what The Content Company has to offer, click here for a Free Sample, or give us a call at 888-221-5041 today to discuss the possibilities.

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